The Cool Table
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You know mash-ups? When DJs take two totally different songs
and mix them together so they’re literally playing on top of each other?

The LA-based Cool Table does that. But they do it live.

And because they’re real musicians with real instruments
(violin, anyone?), they have  more freedom than a regular old DJ.
They can twist elements. Layer in more songs. Play havoc with
keys, tempos and timing.

Within months of their debut, The Cool Table was headlining
packed nights at LA's hottest stages -- including
The Roxy and
The Key Club
on the Sunset Strip.

Their shows are the best of all worlds -- an insanely fun party band
AND an avant-garde musical ensemble.

Check them out at their upcoming club shows. Or book them
to play your next party

Dance your ass off. Sing along at the top of your lungs.
Be blown away by the magnificent cleverness of it all.

"HIH hottie Katherine Heigl and the cast of The Office have been known to rock out to their tunes...L.A.'s premier live mash-up band The Cool Table...where else can you experience a sonic combo of The Killers, Blondie and Journey all rolled into one live jam?"